It’s time for your little dreamer to sleep comfortably through the night. We know how important it is for your baby (and you!) to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. A sleep bag is essentially a wearable blanket that can help your baby sleep. They are designed with safety, comfort, and functionality in mind. Our new sleep bags are complete with buttery soft bamboo viscose and features that you’ll love. Now let’s talk in detail about how you can pick the best Dreamiere sleep bag for your baby, how they should be worn, and their specific features.



TOGS are a unit of measurement that shows the level of warmth and insulation of a fabric. For example, a cooler nursery at 61°F would require the 2.5 TOG sleep bag that offers more warmth than the 1.0 TOG. Your baby’s sleep bag TOG should be determined by the temperature of their nursery and whether it’s a warmer or cooler season. 


Dreamiere sleep bags come in a 1.0 TOG and 2.5 TOG. The exterior is 95% viscose from bamboo, 5% spandex. The interior filling is 100% polyester. 



When purchasing your Dreamiere sleep bag do not size up – although wiggle room at the bottom of the sleep bag is fine! To determine the right size for your child, you can check our sizing chart. 

After you receive your sleeping bag, you will want to check for a proper fit.:

  • Sleep bag should not cover your child’s mouth or neck. 
  • If you give the sleep bag a tug, it should return to the child’s chest. 
  • Sleep bag should fit snuggly around the neck and armholes. 
  • Sleep bag must be worn with pajamas underneath.


The features of our sleep bags are designed to add ease to your baby's sleep experience. They promote safe sleep because they eliminate the need for a blanket in the crib. They are made of silky soft bamboo viscose fabric. Double zippers are included to allow for easy diaper changes. A proper fit will give your baby enough room for wiggles and optimum comfort. Sweet dreams and snuggles are on their way. 


We’re here to support you and your baby’s sleep routine so that you can say hello to cozy nights and refreshed mornings.