Help Your Baby Find Relief: The Best Bamboo Baby Clothes For Eczema

If your child struggles with eczema, it can be heartbreaking watching them tossing, turning, scratching, and crying trying to find some relief. One way you can help them? Make sure they’re wearing comfortable clothing that’s designed to be suitable for sensitive skin! 

Rough, scratchy, and irritating PJs can make it harder for your baby to feel comfortable, especially when they’re dealing with an inflammatory issue like eczema. They can irritate the skin, hold in heat and moisture, and lead to even worse discomfort than they’re already dealing with. What’s worse, some materials can also be allergenic, triggering unnecessary flare-ups that leave your baby feeling itchy and miserable. 

The answer is bamboo! Here’s why you should choose bamboo baby clothes to help your babies feel more comfortable and drift off into sweeter dreams. 

Why bamboo is the best material for babies with eczema

Eczema is a group of inflammatory skin conditions that cause redness, irritation, and itching. It can show up in babies and children within six months to five years of age. Eczema is thought to be triggered by a combination of both genetics and environmental factors like dryness, overheating, and allergens.

So because eczema can be triggered by your baby’s environment, it’s important to set them up for success — and how to do that is by thoughtfully choosing their clothes and PJs. 

Pajamas are often made with synthetic materials like polyester, but these can hold in heat and moisture and make sensitive skin issues worse. Even natural materials like wool can be scratchy and cause overheating. Instead, buy your babies with eczema pajamas and other clothes made with soft and comfortable bamboo fabrics! 

Bamboo is one of the best materials to look for to help soothe and comfort your baby with sensitive skin for many reasons. 

  • Bamboo is a natural, breathable material that helps keep your babies cooler and protects them against overheating. This is especially for pajamas since the extra level of comfort can help them fall (and stay) asleep more comfortably.
  • Bamboo is moisture-wicking, so it can take sweat and moisture away from their skin to keep them more comfortable at night. Even in warm, humid climates, their bamboo PJs won’t stick to their skin and increase their discomfort. 
  • Bamboo is hypoallergenic, so it’s a great choice for anyone who has sensitive skin or eczema to avoid flare-ups. 

The best bamboo baby clothes for eczema 

Whether you’re shopping for pajamas, loungewear, or daywear, Dreamiere has you and your baby covered. Our clothes are made with our signature premium bamboo viscose, which keeps your babies cool, dry, and comfortable all year round. It’s perfect for every child, especially those who struggle with sensitive skin. 

Catch Ya Later Convertible Footie


An ode to America’s favorite summertime activity, this convertible footie/romper is the perfect cooling pajama choice no matter how hot it gets outside. In addition to its fun baseball design, this footie also features plenty of parent-approved design features like fold-over ankle cuffs, extra length for growing, and two-way zippers for easy diaper changes.

Oh Ship Convertible Footie

Dream of sailing around the world and voyaging by sea (but still staying nice and dry) in these uber-comfortable pajamas. The Oh Ship Convertible Footie features a fun boat print that will inspire your babies to dream of far-off lands and ocean adventures as they drift off to sleep. 

Pink Lemonade Sweetheart Set

This two-piece set is as sweet and comfortable as can be! It’s made with the same viscose bamboo as the rest of our clothing so that your little one can keep cool, dry, and comfortable, while also showing off major style with its adorable, spring-ready combination of lemons and pink gingham. 

Flower Child Pocket Tunic and Pants Set

The birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and the sun is shining, so now is the perfect time for her to don this adorable matching set! Featuring a fun, green goddess print, this two-piece set will keep her cool and comfortable no matter where the bright spring days take her. 

Airplane Mode Convertible Footie


Your little world traveler will love wearing these fun PJs to bed! This footie and romper combo will satisfy his or her wanderlust while keeping him cool and comfortable, no matter which exotic locales his imagination takes him to as he dreams. 

Love Reigns Bubble Romper


This gorgeous romper is definitely destined to be one of her favorite things to wear rain or shine! We love all of the adorable details, from the flouncy flutter sleeves and sides to its colorful rain shower design. This romper also has snap closures for easy diaper changes, making it cute and practical all at once. 

Maki Miso Happy Convertible Footie


The design on this set is almost good enough to eat! These comfortable PJs feature a mouthwatering maki sushi design adorned with little hearts to showcase their love for their favorite seaweed snacks. 

Dragon Myself To Bed Convertible Footie

Dreaming of fiery dragons, knight’s tales, and once-upon-a-times? They’re adorned with a fantastical dragon design that’s perfect for the little ones who love epic quests and medieval adventures. 

Lookin' Sharp Short Sleeve Button Romper

Parents, rest assured: there’s nothing sharp or scratchy about this romper except the summery cactus print. This cool and comfortable romper is a great skin-friendly choice whether you’re out and about or lounging around at home. 


Finding comfortable pajamas and clothing for your babies is always important, but even more so when your babies are dealing with eczema and inflamed, itchy skin. Choose clothing made out of soft bamboo so that your baby can stay cool, dry, and comfortable all year round. 

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