How To Throw An Epic Pajama Party For Adults

Who remembers the uncontainable excitement that came with planning a sleepover as a kid? All the snacks, the fun, the giggling with your best friends — it’s no wonder that pajama parties were some of our favorite ways to let loose after a long week of elementary school! 

The good news: you don’t have to be a kid to throw a sleepover. Here’s how to throw an epic pajama party for adults that will make your inner child happy.

Make a crave-worthy snack table. 

No pajama party is complete without a ton of delicious and indulgent snacks! When you think of pajama parties, you probably think of nostalgic favorites like popcorn, chips, and pizza delivery. You can absolutely incorporate the same delicious spread during your modern-day pajama parties, but the trick is to elevate them for your adult taste buds. Some ideas:

Make a junk food charcuterie board.

Gather up all of your favorite sweet and salty snacks (think chips, chocolate, desserts, and gummy candies), then arrange them on an aesthetic charcuterie board to add a layer of sophistication to the presentation. Make sure to throw in some nutritious choices like fruits, veggie sticks, and protein as well!

Set up some “build-your-own” options.  

For example, rather than ordering a couple of pizzas, consider baking some individual-sized pizza dough and setting up a buffet spread that allows people to choose their own toppings like pepperoni, mixed vegetables, and sauces. This way, everyone can get exactly what they want while also participating in a fun activity. 

    Mix up some drinks.

    Make sure your friends have access to plenty of beverage options like juice, fruit-infused waters, and seltzers. You can also curate some fun cocktails or mocktails; or make some fun cocktails or mocktails that go with your party’s theme. 

      Set up your space. 

      Decorating your space for the party is completely optional — after all, when we were kids there usually wasn’t a ton of decor beyond the sleeping bags at most sleepovers — but curating a party atmosphere can elevate your slumber party and make it more suitable for your adult tastes. Come up with a general theme, like Galentine’s Day or 90’s nostalgia, and decorate accordingly with tablecloths, wall hangings, and perhaps some themed tableware. Floral arrangements and candles are also a great touch that will add a more sophisticated twist to your throwback party. 

      It’s also a good idea to set up your sleeping area for your guests so they can be comfortable without having to bring their own gear. Provide comfy blankets, air mattresses, pillows, and/or sleeping bags, arranging them in your sleeping space so everyone has enough space to spread out and be comfortable. Little touches like ambient lighting and personalized baskets with essentials like toothpaste and face wash can also go a long way to adding a luxe touch to your adult sleepover. 


      It’s not a sleepover without some fun games and activities! To really lean into the nostalgic feeling of a sleepover, consider doing some classic slumber party activities like: 

      • Binge-watching some of your favorite movies from when you were a kid 
      • Listen to old Top 40’s playlists and having a dance party, or bust out a karaoke machine for even more hilarity
      • Play board games (maybe choosing some more challenging options if Candyland isn’t cutting it) 
      • Set up a little spa for some self-care with face masks, aromatherapy, and manicures 

      Get cozy with cute PJs! 

      Finally, you can’t forget about the most important part of your PJ party: the PJs themselves! 

      Providing cute and comfy pajamas is a great touch for amping up the festivities and throwing a more luxe sleepover experience. They also make for great pictures and keepsakes that your guests will enjoy wearing long after your slumber party is over! Consider getting matching ones for everyone so that you can all stay on theme. Alternatively, pick a unique pair for each attendant based on their unique interests and personalities. 

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      No matter how old you actually happen to be, throwing a sleepover is one of the most fun ways to spend quality time with your besties. Set up your space with all of the nostalgic elements of slumber parties of your childhood with updated and elevated additions, and make sure to provide fun pajamas to really get the party going. 

      Photo by Nicole Christine Photography