The Best Cooling Pajamas For Night Sweats

Tired of tossing, turning, and waking up in a pool of sweat night after night? You need a better pair of pajamas! 

Whether it’s a hot night out or you naturally tend to run at a higher temperature, it can be uncomfortable and annoying dealing with hot sweats that ruin your night. And while we might not always be able to get the temperature down to our liking, one thing we can always control is the kind of pajamas we wear! Here’s why hot sleepers everywhere prefer wearing bamboo pajamas for the best night’s sleep, plus some of the best cooling pajamas for night sweats by Dreamiere for your entire family.

Why bamboo is the best material for hot sleepers

When it comes to cooling, comfortable, and sustainable materials, bamboo is a clear winner. 

Bamboo is a natural material that is both light and breathable. Unlike other common pajama materials like polyester, which can trap heat and make hot sleepers even more uncomfortable, bamboo pajamas allow for plenty of air circulation, making it a great choice no matter what the temperature might be. 

People who deal with night sweats will also appreciate bamboo’s natural moisture-wicking properties. Rather than keeping that moisture trapped by your skin, a good set of bamboo pajamas will help draw that moisture away from you so you don’t wake up feeling clammy and uncomfortable in the middle of the night. 

Finally, bamboo is also a remarkably soft material. Not only does this mean cozier nights, but it also means that it’s an easy choice for people with sensitive skin or eczema that would otherwise irritate them and keep them up at night.

The best cooling pajamas for night sweats

Dreamiere has comfortable and cooling pajamas for the entire family. Our signature viscose bamboo stays about 3 degrees cooler than cotton on average. Our material is also soft and never treated with harsh chemicals, making it a great choice even for sensitive skin and hot sleepers. They’re the perfect fit for your entire family all year long — even in warm, humid weather!

Bumble and Kind Convertible Footie

This adorable footie pajama is perfect for the little busy bee in your family! It features an adorable print with hearts and bees and can be converted into either a romper or a footie pajama based on the mood. Once they slip into this uber-comfortable piece, your little one will be all set for a night of honey-sweet dreams. 

A Good Knight's Sleep Convertible Footie


Your little one who’s dreaming of fantastical adventures and castles in far-off lands will love snuggling up in this ultra-comfortable footie pajama at night. It features a gorgeous castle print and our signature moisture-wicking bamboo fabric so that they can settle in for a good (k)night’s sleep in style. 

Smitten Kittens Two-Piece Pajamas Set

This set is way too cute, not to mention way too comfortable! She’ll love the playful print with kittens and hearts sprinkled throughout, and you’ll love that she’s able to feel cool and cozy all night long. 

The Mane Event Two-Piece Pajama Set


The Mane Event makes a bold statement, so it’s sure to be your little lion’s new favorite pair. Your little one will feel like the king of the jungle and dream of the wild side every time they slip on this cooling pajama set. 

Moonlight Garden Women’s V-Neck and Shorts Set

This beautiful set is made for lounging and dreaming. With a gorgeous botanical garden pattern and comfortable fit, you’ll love wearing this set morning and night. 

Succa For Love Women’s Long Sleeve Loungewear

It can sometimes be a challenge finding long-sleeved pajamas that will keep you warm during the winter but won’t overheat you … until now! The Succa For Love two-piece set comes with a long-sleeved top and bold printed pajama pants that will keep you cozy on winter nights without stifling you. 

First Rest-Ponders Men's Sleep Shorts & Tee

These PJs might be red-hot, but they’re still super cool! This matching pair comes with a light short-sleeve top and comfortable shorts featuring a print that pays tribute to our first responders. 

Nordic Dreams Men's Sleep Shorts and Tee

Dream of cooler Nordic nights with this pair! This matching set is sure to become one of your favorites to wear on hot summer nights with its fun Viking print and matching gray top, both of which will keep you cool and comfortable as you slumber. 

More tips for staying cool on hot nights

A good pair of high-quality bamboo pajamas can go a long way for hot sleepers and night sweats, but there are also plenty of other steps you can take to keep yourself cool and comfortable at night. 

Invest in cooling bedding.

In addition to your pajamas, your bedding can make a huge difference in your comfort levels as a hot sleeper. Look for bamboo sheets, pillowcases, and blankets for even more cooling, moisture-wicking benefits as you sleep. Percale cotton bedding is also a good option for your bedding set since it has a lighter weave than other kinds of cotton. Stay away from heavy weaves and materials like flannel since these can trap heat and make sweats worse.

    Run an air conditioner or fan, or crack open a window.

    If the night is feeling particularly balmy, consider bringing down your room’s temperature by cranking down your air conditioner or introducing some fresh air into the mix. 

      Take a warm bath before going to bed.

      It sounds a little ironic, but taking a warm bath before you head to bed can actually help you cool down in the long run! Studies have shown that a warm bath draws some of the heat out of your body’s core and into your extremities, which can ultimately help you get a better night’s sleep. 


        A good night’s sleep can seem like a foregone conclusion if you’re feeling sweaty and uncomfortable … but wearing bamboo pajamas can make a huge difference. With their signature viscose bamboo and ultra-cute designs, these cooling, moisture-wicking pajamas from Dreamiere are perfect for bringing sweet dreams to the entire family. 

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