Mommy & Me Hospital Outfits

Those first few days in the hospital after giving birth to your new baby are bound to be some of the most beautiful moments of your life. From holding your new bundle of joy for the first time to spending those first few quiet moments with just your little family, it’s a truly special milestone that marks the beginning of your journey into parenthood.

While you’re getting all of your necessities ready for that big day, you might also want to consider adding some matching outfits for you and your precious new addition to the family! Matching Mommy & Me outfits add that extra touch that makes such a tender moment of bonding and love just that much more special by highlighting the bond that you two will share for the rest of your lives. They’ll also look great in all of the many pictures you’ll take during those first few days to capture this momentous occasion! 

We’ve gathered up some of the cutest and comfiest matching sets by Dreamiere that will help welcome your baby into the world. Even better, all of our pajama sets and loungewear are made with cooling, moisture-wicking bamboo, making them a comfortable option even for the most sensitive baby skin. 

Bumble and Kind Convertible Footie Pajamas and Women's Long Sleeve Loungewear

What better way to celebrate such a sweet moment than with this honey-sweet matching set? These lovely footie pajamas for baby and matching loungewear set for mom are adorned with adorable honeybees and hearts to signify that blossoming love for your little. Both outfits are also designed with comfort in mind, so you can rest assured that both yourself and your precious new baby are going to be cute and comfy as you spend time together. To complete this sweet set, grab the matching Quilted Bamboo Blanket for cool and cozy stroller rides. 

Fall-ing For You Convertible Footie Pajamas and Women's Long Sleeve Loungewear

Both mom and baby are going to glow in this seasonal autumnal set that’s perfect for dreaming of crisp leaves, fresh apples, and the sweet-and-spicy scents of fall. Mom will also really appreciate how nursing-friendly this loungewear is with its snaps down the chest for easy breastfeeding access. Pair with the matching Reversible Blanket for the ultimate warm and cozy vibes on their first car ride home. 

Onyx Convertible Footie Pajamas and Women’s Leggy Romper

The Onyx collection boasts simple and classic designs with an ultra-comfortable material that will make these pieces a staple in your hospital or coming-home wardrobe. These gorgeous pieces will also look especially adorable in all of those impromptu hospital photoshoots that you’ll look back on time and time again when reminiscing on your baby’s first few days in the world. 

Succa For Love Convertible Footie Pajamas and Women's Long Sleeve Loungewear

A matching Mommy & Me set that’s just as bright as the light that your newborn brings into your life! These fun and cozy pajamas are warm and cheery with their whimsical floral design, making them perfectly suited for bright spring days and all of the promise and joy to come. There’s even a matching Quilted Blanket so baby can be wrapped up in comfort and style. 

Moonlight Garden Convertible Footie Pajamas and Women's V-Neck and Shorts Set

Mom and baby will look absolutely dreamy in these matching whimsical sets! The Moonlight Garden collection features a beautiful and bold botanical print that captures the mystery and elegance of a nighttime sky, all in a comfortable bamboo fit that will become a staple in your wardrobe. Fix up their stroller with the matching Quilted Blanket and you’ll both be wrapped in this dreamy print all the way home. 

Dream Weaver Convertible Footie Pajamas and Women's Long Sleeve Loungewear

Sweet dreams are never too far away when you’re wearing the Dream Weaver set! This fun and whimsical cobweb pattern adds the perfect mix of playfulness to such a momentous and joyful occasion, especially if you grab the matching Quilted Blanket for the first big car ride home. 

More tips for matching Mommy & Me Hospital Outfits

Comfort is key, for both yourself and your baby. 

There’s a lot going on during those first few precious days of getting to know your newest family member, so comfort is one of the most important factors to keep in mind as you’re shopping for matching Mommy & me outfits. Look for soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic materials like bamboo for your baby to nurture their sensitive skin and keep them at a cozy temperature. For mom, add some cozy layers so that she can feel good no matter what the temperature at the hospital happens to be. 

Don’t underestimate the power of accessories. 

Even if you choose to go a more subtle route with your matching Mommy & Me hospital fits, some coordinating accessories can go a long way. Look for headbands, beanies, and blankets for baby that will coordinate well with robes, shoes, and jewelry for mom for an understated yet cohesive look that brings the both of you together without outright matching. 

Consider planning an informal photoshoot during your hospital stay. 

While those in-the-moment snapshots are a treasure that you’ll look through again and again, now might also be a good opportunity to document your baby’s first days with a casual photoshoot. Have your best photographer family member (or even a professional!) snap some precious moments that capture the unique moment when parents are getting to know their child for the first time. 

Soak it all in. 

Finally, don’t forget to pause and soak this moment all in! Amidst all of the major changes that you and your family will be going through soon, the hospital stay is a great time to rest and recover while embracing those tender quiet moments with your little one. Capture those pictures to commemorate the moment but stay in the moment as much as possible. 


Your first few days together as mother and child are precious, and they lay the foundation for the rest of your lives. Having coordinating Mommy & Me outfits signifies the special bond that you are building with your baby and makes for beautiful pictures that you will both look back on again and again. When choosing Mommy & Me outfits for yourself and your newborn, remember that comfort is key. Dreamiere makes luxuriously soft pajamas and loungewear that will leave you and your new baby feeling snuggly while learning more about each other in those first few precious days. 

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite: