The Best Pajamas for Women


Of all the many things that we do to take care of ourselves and our wellness throughout the day, one thing tends to get overlooked amidst the hustle and bustle: a good night’s sleep. 

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for a special woman in your life, a good set of pajamas is a must. Comfy sleeping clothes leave the wearer wrapped in comfort and pave the way for a night of rejuvenating and restorative sleep.

Dreamiere’s luxury viscose bamboo is the perfect pajama fabric for a comfortable sleep, even if you’re a hot sleeper or have sensitive skin. As an added bonus, Dreamiere also makes pajamas for the whole family, and we even have matching sets! Whether you’re posing for this year’s holiday cards, lounging around on your weekly Netflix binge, or tucking in for a cozy night, there’s a set for everyone in the house. Read on for some of the best pajama sets for women this year. 

The Best PJ’s For Women 

Dreamiere makes comfortable and stylish pajamas for the entire family. Each set is lovingly crafted with soft and stretchy bamboo viscose that stays about 3 degrees cooler than cotton. Stay cool with this breathable, comfortable, and moisture-wicking fabric that’s perfect for hot sleepers, sensitive skin, and year-round comfort. 

Moonlight Garden Women's V-Neck and Shorts Set 

This set is perfect for lounging both day and night! With a bright pattern inspired by all the beautiful flora and botanicals that nature has to offer, it’s a great set for all lovers of the outdoors and garden enthusiasts. 

Nordic Dreams Women's V-Neck and Shorts Set

Lovers of all things hygge and Scandinavian will love these fun pajamas! This comfortable set is adorned with a fun Viking-inspired pattern to inspire adventure and exploration (even if it’s just in your dreams or through your favorite TV shows). 

Succa For Love Women's Long Sleeve Loungewear

Who doesn’t love succulents? This bright and cheery loungewear set features gorgeous patterned pants inspired by everyone’s favorite low-maintenance houseplants. Match with your littles to really show your everlasting love.

Dream Weaver Women's Long Sleeve Loungewear

They might be decked out in cobwebs, but these PJs are anything but creepy! Match with your little ones and get ready for a night of sweet dreams and sleeping tight (and not letting the bed bugs bite). 

Fall-ing For You Women's Long Sleeve Loungewear

For a loungewear set that’s just as cute during the day as it is at night, try these on for size! They feature festive autumnal-inspired PJ pants and a beautiful cerulean top, which together celebrate the changing of the leaves and the crisp chill in the air that we love about the fall. 

Onyx Women's Long Sleeve Loungewear

Meet your new favorite loungewear! This ultra-comfortable set is made with the same stretchy and comfortable bamboo fabric as the rest of the PJs in our collection, all in a classic black color. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself reaching for this set again and again.

Lazy Days-ies Women's V-Neck and Shorts Set

Throw on these PJs any time you’re in need of a burst of floral cheer! From its bright and happy colors to its floral design, these are a great option for lifting your spirits and getting real comfy in the process. 

Relaxed To The Max Women’s Short Sleeve Loungewear

Get funky fresh with the Relaxed To The Max short-sleeve set! This fun and comfortable pajama set features a bright 90s-inspired printed pant that’s sure to boost your mood and a cozy short-sleeve top for a great night’s sleep. 

Stone Women's V-Neck and Shorts Set

Simple, clean, and quietly luxurious, the Stone set is an excellent choice for every style & season. Featuring a cooling pocket V-neck and pocket shorts with a thick elastic waist and adjustable drawstring, it’s a cooling set that you’ll probably want to wear day and night. 

Making Waves Women's Short Sleeve Loungewear

Dreaming of ocean tides and long sunny days at the beach? This Making Waves set gets you into that seaside mentality no matter where in the world you happen to be. Its gorgeous cerulean pattern lets you dream of the ocean, while the signature moisture-wicking properties of bamboo keeps you nice and cool. 

Stars and Strikes Women's Short Sleeve Loungewear

If you and your family just can’t get enough of the patriotic excitement that the summer baseball season brings, rock your favorite sport all year long with these pajamas! This comfortable shorts set features baseballs and stars — aka two of the most iconic symbols of America — and is perfect for lounging around in and watching your favorite team. Batter up! 

Sky's The Limit Women's Long Sleeve Loungewear

Feel like you’re enveloped in a cloud as you’re drifting off --- literally! This dreamy set features a gorgeous starry night’s sky to really get you in the headspace for sleepy nights and restorative dreaming. 

Hit the Sack Women's Short Sleeve Loungewear

Get ready to cheer on your team in comfort with the Hit the Sack set! This cozy set shows your love for the game with a bright football pattern and matching outfits for your entire family. We won’t blame you if you wear this set every Football Sunday! 


Get ready for the coziest beauty sleep of your life! With cooling, moisture-wicking viscose bamboo and plenty of fun patterns, there’s a great PJ set for everyone in your family from Dreamiere.

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