Cute and Comfy Going Home Outfits For New Moms

After all the planning you’ve done and all of the excitement that you’ve been building up for the last nine months, it’s finally time to take your new bundle of joy home! 

While you’re packing your bags for your hospital stay and checking off all of the essentials you’ll need to welcome your baby into the world, don’t forget to include a comfortable and functional going-home outfit for yourself as well. It might be one of the last things on your mind, but being prepared will help make the transition from the hospital to your home more seamless for both yourself and your baby. Read on for inspiration on planning your going-home outfit, plus some of the cutest and comfiest options by Dreamiere. 

Tips for choosing your going-home outfits

Comfort comes first!

After the joy of bringing a new life into the world and spending time in the hospital, your comfort is going to be essential for a seamless ride home. While the ideal going-home outfit is anything that you feel comfy in, packing loose outfits in breathable fabrics is an especially good idea. Look for features like elastic waistbands and drawstring ties so that you can adjust according to your post-partum needs. Pajamas and loungewear are especially good choices for going-home outfits if they are relatively loose-fitting and moisture-wicking to prevent unnecessary irritation and rubbing.

    Functional fits are the best.

    Since you’ll have your new bundle of joy in tow, functionality will be key especially if you’re setting off on a particularly long journey from the hospital to your home. Look for functional, nursing-friendly features like tops with snap closures to make the ride and your first few hours at home a little easier. 

      Consider choosing a matching Mommy & Me option.

      Matching outfits with your little one is a sweet way to establish your bond from the get-go (and get some great going-home pics in the process). Dreamiere has plenty of matching outfits that are suitable for everyone in your family including your newborn. Click here to see some adorable matching Mommy & Me outfits from Dreamiere. 

        Pack with the weather in mind.

        It’s always a good idea to pack some layers — not just for inclement weather on your trip home, but for drafty hospital rooms as well. Plan outfits with plenty of layers for colder weather and air-conditioned hospital rooms. Meanwhile, if you’re planning on taking your baby home during the hotter summer months, choose fabrics like bamboo that are breathable and moisture-wicking. 

          Stay prepared with blankets.

          Having a couple of blankets on hand can also come in handy during your hospital stay and the ride home. Dreamiere’s Adult Blankets are made with the same cooling, moisture-wicking bamboo fabric as our pajamas so you can stay warm and cozy without overheating. They also come in tons of patterns so you can match your PJs and going-home outfits. 

            Don’t forget your footwear.

            Finally, you’ll want to make sure that you have some supportive shoes to round out your outfit. Look for comfy shoes and slippers with slip-on options, supportive footbeds, and plush comfort so that your feet aren’t pinched or pressured during your ride home. 

              6 Going Home Outfits For Mothers 

              Anchor Blue Women's Leggy Romper

              Say hello to your new favorite, comfy essential: our Leggy Romper! With its loose yet flattering design, this is the ideal going-home outfit for mothers. Its flowy, elegant design is also complemented by Dreamiere’s cooling viscose bamboo fabric, so you’ll be comfortable and cool while leaving the hospital and throughout your entire journey home. We love the romper in this chic blue color, but it also comes in Dewberry and Onyx so you can find the perfect fit for your style (or get all three so you can have comfy loungewear on rotation at all times).

              In Full Bloom Smocked Ruffle Tank Dress

              There are few outfits as effortlessly cool and comfortable as maxi dresses, so new moms will love the ease of this dress. Easy, breezy, and oh-so-cute, this floral tank dress is going to feel like a dream on your way home with your baby. The best part: it’s made with the same viscose bamboo as the rest of Dreamiere’s premium loungewear and sleepwear so you can stay cool, stylish, and sweat-free even if it’s hot out. 

              I Gotta Healing

              What better way to pay homage to the team that took care of you than this adorable healthcare-themed set? This bright red pajama set is cozy enough to keep you and your baby happy during those crucial first few days in the hospital, yet stylish enough to wear all the way home. 

              Onyx Women's Long Sleeve Loungewear

              Equal parts trendy and functional, this loungewear set is going to be your favorite outfit for car rides, errands, and chilling at home — not to mention an easy choice for a stylish going-home outfit. It features a cozy long-sleeve top and lounge-worthy jogger pants with an adjustable waistband. You’ll also love the snap closures on the top, which make this set ideal for easy nursing. 

              Stars and Strikes Short Sleeve Loungewear

              Few things go together quite as nicely as the patriotic motifs of stars and baseball! Not only is this loungewear set exceptionally festive, but it also has snap closures that make it a nursing-friendly option that you’ll reach for again and again during your baby’s first months in the world. This is an especially great option for baseball-loving families welcoming home their summer babes. 

              Relaxed to the Max Short Sleeve Loungewear

              Stylish mamas will love this set that shows off the brightest sides of their personalities! It features a nursing-friendly top that perfectly pairs with the bright, retro designs on the comfortable joggers. 


              Bringing home your newborn is equal parts exciting and nerve-wracking, so the last thing you want is to be caught with uncomfortable or impractical clothing for your ride home. Make the most of this momentous occasion with comfortable, temperature-controlled outfits by Dreamiere.

              With thoughtful designs that are optimized for comfort all year round, you’ll get to give all of your attention to where it counts: your newest member of your family. Don’t forget to grab some matching fits for your babes and other family members too so that your entire family can get in on the comfy fun. 

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