Here’s How To Safely Dress Your Baby For Sleep

Some of the most special moments as a new parent are watching your baby sleep peacefully and soundly. But there’s also a lot to think about before you lay your precious bundle of joy down for the night — not only do you need to make sure that they’re comfortable and well-fed, but you also need to make sure that their sleeping area is clean, tidy, and safe from potential dangers.

With all the many safety rules that come with putting your baby to bed, it can feel a little overwhelming trying to decide what is and isn’t safe, even when it comes to something as seemingly simple as their pajamas. Read on to learn everything you need to know about safely dressing your baby for sleep, plus some adorable and comfortable options by Dreamiere. 

The most important things to consider while dressing your baby for sleep 


Safety should be the very first priority to look out for when shopping around for the right clothes to dress your baby. You want your baby’s pajamas to be comfortable and secure, but you also want to make sure that they aren’t presenting any potential dangers. 

For newborns and very young infants, swaddles are a great idea since they can keep your baby secure and cozy throughout the night. Make sure to practice your swaddling techniques before baby arrives so that you can master wrapping them securely without the risk of loose fabric working its way out of the swaddle and blocking your baby’s airways. 

Once your baby begins to show signs that they can turn over on their own, it’s time to graduate from swaddles to other pajama options like footies or one-piece options. No matter what kind of pajama you and your baby prefer, it’s important to make sure that they fit snugly, again so that there’s no chance of any extra fabric working its way up and covering your baby’s mouth and nose. 


The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that babies do not sleep with blankets or other clutter in their crib until they are at least one year old since it can pose a potential SIDS risk. As a result, your baby is going to depend largely on its pajamas to help regulate their temperature.

If you’re in a colder environment, sleep bags are an excellent option since they act as wearable blankets but without the risks that loose bedding would present. Otherwise, look for temperature-regulating jamms that can keep your baby comfortable throughout the night. Pajamas made out of bamboo fabrics are always good options: they keep your baby cool, comfortable, and dry even in hot and humid weather. Bamboo is also soft to the touch and suitable for babies with sensitive skin, so they’re suitable for your little ones with eczema and other skin irritation issues. 


Finally, many pajamas today offer a variety of convenient features that can make your lives easier. Some features that can help parents include options like foldover mittens to cover baby’s hands and convertible footie flaps so you can choose between a footie or a romper depending on the weather and your baby’s personal comfort preferences.

Cozy and safe baby sleeping bags by Dreamiere 

Baby sleep bags (sometimes called sleep sacks or wearable blankets) are the perfect option for keeping your babies warm and safe even during the coldest months. They’re essentially wearable blankets that can keep your baby comfortable even without the help of other blankets. These are great options for babies who are graduating from the swaddle since it gives them freedom to wiggle without compromising their safety. Our sleeping bags also leave lots of room for baby’s legs, making them hip-healthy sleep options. 

Marble-ous Sleep Bag

Marble-ous Sleep Bag

The Marble-ous Sleep Bag is equal parts elegant and playful! It features a gorgeous marbled print and all of the features you love about Dreamiere, including the cooling bamboo viscose fabric and safety features to keep your little one snug and secure throughout the night. 

Bumble and Kind Sleep Bag

This adorable bag is as sweet as your little love with its precious print of honeybees and hearts on a bright yellow background. We love how festive this viscose bamboo sleeping bag would be during the spring and summer months! 

Lilac Sleep Bag

Looking for a more muted and peaceful sleep bag option? The Lilac sleeping bag comes in a soothing, calming lilac color that’s perfect for rest, relaxation, and sweet dreams for your little one. 

Nordic Dreams Sleep Bag

For dreams of adventures in the far-flung corners of the world, the fun Nordic Dreams option definitely fits the bill! With a colorful Viking-inspired print featuring plenty of epic beards, this is a great sleeping bag for your littlest adventurer. 

Warm, comfy baby pajamas by Dreamiere 

If you and your baby prefer footie pajamas, we’ve got you covered there too! Our convertible jamms let you easily switch between a footie or a romper with their foldover ankle cuffs, and all sizes for ages 12 months and under also include foldover hand cuffs to keep your baby warm and night and to prevent accidental scratches. 

Ring Around the Roses Ruffle Convertible Hoodie

Hello, spring! This darling convertible jamm features a beautiful rose print on a serene blue background, perfect for ushering in all the sunshine and beautiful blooms that this season brings in.

Astronaps Convertible Footie

Your little astronaut will love putting on these comfy PJs! This celestial planet print on its dark blue background will have them dreaming of exploring the galaxy and all the many mysteries that it holds. 

I Gotta Healing Convertible Footie

These fun pajamas are perfect options for families in the medical field or for paying ode to the healthcare workers who have touched your family’s lives along the way. We love the minimalist medical-print pattern on its fun, bright-red background. 

Homegrown Convertible Footie

Your baby is the cream of the crop, so they deserve pajamas just as special as they are! We love this perfect springtime set with its fun array of veggies, and you’ll love how comfortable and convenient they are. 

Heart of Gold Convertible Footie

Your sweet little will look so sweet in these Heart of Gold convertible jamms! They feature a celebration of heart ribbons on a serene light blue background. 


When it comes to pajamas for the littlest ones in your family, safety and comfort are crucial. No matter what kind of sleepwear you choose, make sure that they are breathable, soft, and snug-fitting to soothe your baby throughout those long nights. 

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